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Why aren’t we talking about the “Blue Ribbon”?May 12, 2017 Ankita Amatya
How many of us actually know about the “blue” ribbon? Women’s health has been a great priority worldwide and the result shows. Everyone is now familiar with the “pink” ribbon and its association with breast cancer. Yet, few know that there is also a “blue” ribbon to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Men’s health, somehow, evades the attention of people. Currently, the life expectancy of female in Nepal is 70.8 whereas for male it is 67.7. How come it’s the way it is? Read More
Suicide in Nepal: Cowardice or Bravery?April 6, 2017 Lokmani Subedi
The death of revolutionary Nepali rapper YamaBuddha shocked many young Nepali. His famous song ‘Saathi’, an ode to his friend who died of drug addiction was still freshly on everyone’s mind. Recently, he had organized a ‘rap battle’ in Nepal, which saw huge youth participation and he was also preparing his upcoming album. He was found dead hanging in his bathroom on January 14, 2017. Read More
Citizenship in NepalNovember 28, 2016 Roshi K.C.
One year after the adoption of the new Constitution, women’s right to citizenship has been further curtailed with the recent passing of the draft Act amending the Citizenship Act. Following, the adoption of the Constitution in September last year, the Government has been working on amending the Citizenship Act 2006, which sets out more detailed provisions for attaining citizenship to ensure conformity with the Constitution. According to the Constitution, any person whose father and mother are citizens of Nepal is entitled to Nepali citizenship by descent. However, Clause 8 of the draft Citizenship Act has made it mandatory for a woman born to Nepali parents, but married to a foreigner to produce official documents from the authority of her husband’s side as a proof of not having acquired any citizenship. Read More