Catalyst aims to be the 'Leadership Platform' for young creative minds and change makers. It also gives space for young people to express their thoughts on Nepal’s development issues through any means they are passionate about like writing, photography, painting, videos, and of course activism. The Catalyst, initially developed as a blog writing platform for young Nepali people on several development issues, has transformed itself into a leadership space knowing the need of leadership to create the impactful presence in the overall development. Through this, youths of different creative backgrounds collaborate on how they can take lead in the field they have passion and contribute to the overall development of the country. The Catalyst features several young social change makers who are doing something special and playing ‘the catalyst’ role in their field and encourage potential leaders by giving them exposure through various activities.

Promoting Young Bloggers: Catalyst Blog

The catalyst promotes young bloggers by encouraging them to write in order to be responsive to Nepal’s development issues. It recognizes the interested potential writers and provides the professional guidance to complete their blog. The blog can have multiple forms like interview blog, photoblog etc. The blogs will feature on our website.

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship Interview Series

Through this series, we aim to recognize various social entrepreneurs all over the country whose story could transform the young mind and expand their horizon to dream high. Social entrepreneurs are not just entrepreneurs because of they along with the business, keep social welfare in mind. We hope this series would encourage youth leaders to believe in sustainability and leadership together.

Promoting Social Change Makers: Social Change Makers Interview Series

This series covers the success stories of various aspiring social change makers of our country and show how their effort is helping society to move further. This is to recognize the already running initiatives and create the positive vibes among the upcoming leaders.