What We Do

Data and StatisticsJanuary 28, 2017
Our Nepal in Data Initiative aims to increase the availability, accessibility and use of data and statistics on Nepal and enhance data literacy among government, civil society, media, private sector and students. Through our www.nepalindata.com portal that we launched in January 2017, we have made more than 4000 datasets accessible covering 12 different sections of society. We also produce daily infographics that are published in various newspapers, share data related news and information through our social media pages and conduct trainings and outreach among government officials, civil society, media and students. Read More
EntrepreneurshipMarch 28, 2018
Our Udhyami Nepal Initiative aims to promote entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs and business owners of small and medium size enterprises by providing them with information they need to start, grow and manage their business. Read More
Skills DevelopmentApril 1, 2016
Catalyst aims to enhance the professional skills of young Nepali and connect them to opportunities to be better equipped for the future and advance their country's development. We provide information on skills development and connect them to opportunities so that they can find their own path of development and growth. We conduct skills labs and trainings, panel discussions and seminars with experts and practioners and organize exposure programs and exchanges between youth from Nepal and other countries. Furthermore, through our blog series on social entrepreneurship and social changemakers we try to inspire young Nepali to become drivers of change. Read More
Safe Migration & Financial LiteracyNovember 18, 2016
As a partner of the Shuvayatra Program, we develop written and audio-visual content for migrant workers, their families and returnees on safe migration and financial literacy. Read More