What We Do

Data and StatisticsJanuary 28, 2017
Our Nepal in Data Initiative aims to increase the availability, accessibility and use of data and statistics on Nepal and enhance data literacy among government, civil society, media, private sector and students. Through our www.nepalindata.com portal that we launched in January 2017, we have made more than 2200 data accessible covering 12 different sections of society. We also produce daily infographics that are published in various newspapers, share data related news and information through our social media pages and conduct trainings and outreach among government officials, civil society, media and students. Read More
Higher EducationMarch 23, 2017
Our Padhna Jane initiative aims to connect young Nepali with diverse higher education opportunities and provide them with accurate, up to date information so that they can make informed choices about what subject and where to study as well as how to find the resources to finance their education. The free online Padhna Jane platform serves as a gateway for young Nepali to access higher education opportunities in Nepal and abroad. It facilitates the ease of applying for higher-education and scholarships in Nepal and abroad and also aims helps students to better prepare themselves for student life while promoting their safety and well-being. Read More
EntrepreneurshipMarch 28, 2018
Our Udhyami Nepal Initiative aims to promote entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs and business owners of small and medium size enterprises by providing them with information they need to start, grow and manage their business. Through our Young Development Entrepreneurs Apprenticeship Program, we foster and mentor young emerging talent in development entrepreneurship. Under our Catalyst Initiative, we promote youth leadership and aim to inspire young Nepali to become social changemakers to contribute to Nepal's development in new and innovative ways. Read More
LeadershipApril 1, 2016
Catalyst aims to be the 'Leadership Platform' for young creative minds and change makers. It also gives space for young people to express their thoughts on Nepal’s development issues through any means they are passionate about like writing, photography, painting, videos, and of course activism. The Catalyst, initially developed as a blog writing platform for young Nepali people on several development issues, has transformed itself into a leadership space knowing the need of leadership to create the impactful presence in the overall development. Through this, youths of different creative backgrounds collaborate on how they can take lead in the field they have passion and contribute to the overall development of the country. The Catalyst features several young social change makers who are doing something special and playing ‘the catalyst’ role in their field and encourage potential leaders by giving them exposure through various activities. Read More