Bikas Udhyami has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience on migration and financial literacy.

For the past 2,5 years we have been managing the facebook page and written content development for the Shuvayatra safe migration platform of The Asia Foundation & partners. We have have written more then 1300 articles on safe migration and financial literacy topics including:

  • articles on how to prepare to go abroad (process, documents needed, costs etc.) , labor and living conditions in destination countries, what to do in case of emergencies etc.
  • articles on health and safety of migrant workers abroad
  • special articles for female migrant workers
  • a series of job profiles explaining the requirements, skills and expected earnings of popular jobs of Nepali migrant workers abroad
  • articles on how to open a bank account, safely remit money, manage a budget as a migrant worker and migrant worker family, how to invest savings etc.
  • articles on how to find a job in Nepal or start a business upon return

In addition, we give voice to migrant workers in destination countries and returnees in Nepal by capturing and sharing their stories, blogs, poems and other contributions.

Every Friday, we conduct the 'Shuvayatra Live Program'- a facebook live program initiated by us in which we invite government officials, service providers, migration experts and migrant workers themselves for discussion and ask them questions. The program is attracts large numbers of viewers from Nepal and the destination countries.

To see our work and that of other partners The Asia Foundation 's Shuvayatra Platform, visit: