Bikas Udhyami (Eng. Development Entrepreneurs) is a data analytics, information & digital communications company working for the social good by empowering people in Nepal with data, information and technology.

As a social business, we specialize in leveraging the power of data, information, technology and social media to enable people across Nepal to make informed decisions in their lives, to grow their skills and businesses and to advance their country.

Our services include data collection and analysis; design and visualization; capacity building; social media management & ICT development.

Through our services, we sustain our data and statistics and public information initiatives Nepal in Data, Udhyami Nepal and Catalyst.


Our vision is a Nepal in which people have access to the data and information they need and are able to use these to make better, more informed decisions regarding different aspects of their lives and their country.

Mission Statement

We strive to advance Nepal's development by providing people with data, information and technology to enable them to make to make better, more informed policy-, business-, professional- and other decisions regarding their lives.


Support evidence based policy and decision making in Nepal through research and open data


Pilot empirical and innovative solutions to address Nepal’s development challenges


Provide a platform for young people to contribute to Nepal’s development discourse


Provide a range of consulting services in our areas of expertise