Bikas Udhyami is a social innovation hub led by young Nepali professionals from different backgrounds who share an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to seeking ways to do development differently.

Collectively we bring together expertise on a wide range of issues including governance, economic development, environment, human rights, labor migration, gender and social inclusion, and media and technology to identify and implement innovative solutions to address Nepal’s development challenges.


Our vision is a Nepal in which young Nepali are actively engaged in shaping the development discourse through the identification of innovative and smart solutions to existing and emerging challenges in order to achieve positive change.

Mission Statement

We strive to contribute to Nepal‘s development by providing new perspectives and alternative solutions for the country’s political, economic and social challenges through an entrepreneurial approach.

Strategic Objectives


Support evidence based policy and decision making in Nepal through research and open data


Pilot empirical and innovative solutions to address Nepal’s development challenges


Provide a platform for young people to contribute to Nepal’s development discourse


Provide a range of consulting services in our areas of expertise


Our Cool and elegant and open (CEO), Gartaula leads the team from the front. He loves promoting young people by teaching them necessary skills and giving responsibilities according to their capacity. He is also known as ‘Mr. Know All’ who can talk on any topic on the earth with a visible expertise. He believes in the distinction between personal and professional life for the youth’s development. He is known for his assertive but friendly behavior at the office. He loves his hairstyle.

Charming and opening, Subuna works as a Young Entrepreneurship Development Officer. She leads ‘Udhyami Nepal’ project of it to find smart and innovative solutions to the current development challenges through an entrepreneurial approach. She has an interest in politics, social female issues, and entrepreneurship. She loves working with young people. Apart from that, she makes wonderful coffee. She is also an MBA Graduate of ….. University.

Suyesha enjoys learning new things and coincidently she is working as a Young Innovation Officer with us. She leads our two projects namely ‘Padhna Jaane’ and ‘Shuvayatra’. She is very good at online documentation and presentation in front of the audience. She doesn’t know much typical Nepali words but she is learning now. She is good at maintaining things both hardware and software so colleagues often visit her expecting the solution to their problems. She loves gardening and cycling.

Mr. Cool at the office, Maheshwor loves data and statistics. In any pressure situations, he keeps his head cool and delivers. Though he is the Project Coordinator of Nepal in Data, he has great affection to reading and teaching. He has an interest in data based economic research on energy, health, development, and history. He holds his master’s degree in Economics with specialization in development economics from South Asian University, New Delhi.

Working as a Program and Social Media Officer, Lokmani believes in the power of words new social media. He loves to write, edit and translate hence handles major tasks related to these skills at the office. He facilitates The Catalyst Blog and Social Entrepreneurship Interview Series of Bikas Udhyami. He holds master’s degree in English Literature from TU. He is also a poet

Anusha is a blogger who enjoys playing with words. She is Project Officer at Bikas Udhyami who serves through her words in different projects like ‘Shuvayatra’ and ‘Social Entrepreneur Interview Series.’ She is an MBA graduate from Tribhuvan University. She loves music.

Bipin Sinjali is the humor man of Bikas Udhyami. He is our data assistant. The interesting thing is his hair transforms according to the pressure of the data he is handling. He is also famous in asking long descriptive questions and taking comic tension in many situations. He is one of the backbones of Nepal in Data project. He sometimes brings food from his home and serves at the office.

Niraj is silent but not that much. To open him up, one needs to read him well. He is the man behind the wonderful Nepal in Data info-graphics who has been working on this designing field since 2002. He never goes for lunch with us because his Mawala (mother’s home) is very near and he visits there every day. Niraj loves colors and shapes.

Graduate from TU in Management, Gyanendra handles Bikas Udhyami’s Finance. Besides the finance management, he is always motivated to learn new things and take challenging tasks. Coming out of his office, he is a different person. He enjoys dancing, talking about sports and playing cricket. He loves Roti hence we call him ‘brand ambassador to a Roti Pasal near Patan Dhoka where he visits every day for lunch. He is also doing his MBA.

Ankita Amatya

Ankita is a recently graduated student of Biotechnology from Kathmandu University. Currently, she is a Project Officer in Bikas Udhyami in the project "Padhna Jane", but started out as an Apprentice. She writes content, supervises Apprentices involved in the project, and overall researches and maintains the tasks in the project. Besides this, she is a bookworm, loves watching movies and tv series, and calls herself a fangirl.

Shashi, the development practitioner, wants to live in a world filled with innovative ideas. She is working as the Government Liaison and Communication officer. She believes that through the effective communication, we can diminish the overlaps and repetition in the development work. She is the fan of South Indian Movies and also loves collecting magazines. She wants to go on world tour with her mom one day.

Raju is a little introvert but that is not the major problem to his profession. He is our Data Officer who loves to speak through statistics. He collects statistical information making life easier for the infographics. Besides that, he loves watching football and debate on it. He recently completed his master’s degree in Finance and Control from TU.

A Little bit talkative, hence cheerful, Anusha is our Data Officer. She studied MFC from School of Management, TU. She scrolls through various Government websites searching for data and process that further towards infographic sense. She loves watching and playing football.

Data Entry Officer of Bikas Udhyami, Prakash loves data analysis, research, and new field exploration. He enters the collected data and processes it further to fill out the sections of Nepal in Data. He is a graduate in Statistics from TU.

Enthusiastic and funny, Pramesh is our infographic designer. He plays with the processed data and presents them in the beautiful infographics. Apart from his click works, he loves to play guitar and sing if he is in the mood.

Self-proclaimed professional bookworm, Sophiya is our Apprentice but serves more than that. She handles major day to day tasks of ‘Padhna Jane’ including writing articles, searching news and publishing them both in the backhand and social media. She is doing her bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She has full faith in the butterfly effect, hence she believes in her skills too. She is a very good presenter as well.

Isha recognizes herself as a bibliotaph. Being our Apprentice, Isha contributes to the smooth running of ‘Padhna Jane’ project through her writing. She feels enthusiastic by following hardcore feminist thoughts.

Simon is a great photographer in making. He works in Bikas Udhyami as an Apprentice and contributes in many areas like graphic designing, photography and outreach programs. He is now involved in Nepal in Data team.