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Through the Bikas Udhyami blog, we share our perspectives and analysis on Nepal’s state of affairs and development. In addition, as part of our blog we provide insights into our work and activities.

A key element of our approach is that we focus on working in partnership with government for all our products and initiatives in order to support national systems and to facilitate scale-up. We believe that rather than complaining about things that are not being done, it is more useful to support the government in doing things. Read More
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES ISSUE NO. 14: Creating A Sense of Belonging Through Service; The Story of Help2ShineFebruary 6, 2018 Bikas Udhyami (Lokmani Subedi)
Those who didn’t have holidays have these now. Those who didn’t have respect and dignity in the place they worked, now work in a professional working environment. We are creating such stories together. Read More
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES ISSUE NO. 13: A Restaurant With A Social Cause: Mahabir Dai's RestaurantJanuary 31, 2018 Bikas Udhyami (Anusha Neupane)
We are registered as not for profit sharing company. As we are not only for profit. We are here to support the rural community through the profit. We have our own identity. Read More
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES ISSUE NO. 12: Embracing Diversity In Serving Its Customers – The Bakery CaféJanuary 31, 2018 Bikas Udhyami (Anusha Neupane)
After working with differently abled at some public event, Mr. Shyam Sundar Lal Kakshapati, the Chairman of Nanglo International, was impressed by their dedication and professionalism. As in most professional settings, they are not considered eligible for work, he got the inspiration to employ them. So in 1997, he started the Bakery Cafe by hiring 12 young bright candidates, who had no previous work experience and no training in food and hospitality industry. Currently, the company has employed more than 50 speaking and hearing impaired people as well as persons with physical disabilities such as dwarfism. Read More
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES ISSUE NO. 11: Converting Agro Produce into Cash: The Story of R&D InnovationJanuary 30, 2018 Bikas Udhyami (Lokmani Subedi)
The main impact is that we are developing new entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture. Through our work with small farmers we can observe changes in their day to day lives. They are earning a livelihood and as a result of owning their greenhouse, their economic status has changed and they are now investing in education. Through our collection center, we have saved the time of various farmers. Read More