A Gateway to Higher Education Opportunities in Nepal and Abroad


Our Padhna Jane initiative aims to connect young Nepalis with diverse higher education opportunities and scholarships, prepares them for active student life and also develop skills in preparation for work after graduation.

  • Increasing Access to Higher Education Opportunities: The free, online Padhna Jane platform ( serves as a gateway for Nepali students to access database of colleges and scholarships in Nepal and abroad, chat with student ambassadors, and learn about academics, well-being, news and events.. As a one-stop shop for Nepali students, you can find all the tools you need to apply for college, do well at university and also excel soon after graduation.
  • Promoting Innovation in Higher Education in Nepal: We seek to contribute to improving the quality of higher education by making it more interactive, practical and skills oriented.
  • Building Student Skills: Through our skills labs, we aim to provide students with the skills they need to improve their educational performance and to prepare for work after graduation.


An increasing number of Nepali students seek higher education from various local and foreign institutions. Over 409,000 students were enrolled in higher education in Nepal in 2016 (University Grant Commission). Ministry of Education issued more than 40,000 No Objection Certificates for students wishing to study abroad in the same year – quadruple since 2011. Despite the increase in educational qualifications, youth also face unemployment rates as high as 20% (ILO, 2014).

For many students, pursuing higher education is expensive and involves a complicated application process. Local and international funding opportunities are even more difficult to find and current websites do not provide a one-stop, comprehensive overview of all scholarships available across different universities, government and private institutions. Current students also face limited resources for academic and career support. As a result, many young Nepalis are confused about the higher-education application process, funding opportunities in Nepal and abroad, student life improvement and career development.


Padhna Jane (eng. Let’s Study) is a free online educational platform serving as a gateway for young Nepalis to access higher-education opportunities in Nepal and abroad. This one-stop shop helps students to find extensive college and scholarship databases, information on application process, tips and tricks on improving students life and up-to-date news, events and articles related to Nepali students. Our platform is for students looking to study, currently enrolled in college or recently graduated.

To address these issues faced by students, through the Padhna Jane platform we aim to:

  1. Connect young Nepalis with diverse higher education opportunities.
  2. Improve equal access to educational funding for poor and marginalized communities.
  3. Facilitate the ease of applying for higher-education and scholarships in Nepal and abroad.
  4. Enable students to better prepare themselves for student life, promote their well-being and also find employment during or after graduation


The Padhna Jane platform offers the following features:

  • Advanced search engines, drawing from a database of more than 250 TVET schools, nearly 2000 colleges and universities, and over 1500 funding opportunities allow users to filter information based on type of degree, subject, location, funding amounts, eligibility criteria and deadlines.
  • An integrated calendar and planner sends email notifications to remind about personalized deadlines.
  • An interactive discussion forum allows students to ask questions and browse through existing discussions to get first-hand information from experienced students.
  • A match-making function allows users to find “best-fit” universities suited to their individual academic and financial needs.
  • Tips on how applicants can create a strong portfolio, country-specific information prepares applicants for student life and behavioral health information promotes their safety and well-being.
  • Latest student news, events and scholarships updated every day!

The platform is available for computers, tablets, iOS and Android devices.


Coming soon!


Many of the higher education institutions in Nepal unfortunately do not necessarily provide students with the necessary skills they need to perform better in their degrees and to prepare for their professional life. The Padhna Jane Initiative therefore conducts monthly Skill Labs and Experience Exchange for students to build their capacity by developing their practical and professional skills. These skills are related to career development and student life improvement like how to improve your resume, cite correctly, write better papers, use social media professionally, public speaking etc. These workshops are led by our in-house or industry experts.

Alongside Skill Labs, we also offer Experience Exchange Series, which are peer-to-peer sharing sessions, especially with young speakers who have achieved a lot. Through these workshops, students will discuss on topics like what can you do with a Bachelor's degree, should you do your Masters right away, how to be job-ready upon graduation etc.


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